We want to go to your most human side, to your feelings and to the emotions that you have lived thanks to the existence of the road.


We want that among all those who use the road, we put it in the place it deserves.


We want on October 11 to help us to globalize the value of the road.


An initiative of global scope, that proposes to create a space where to dump the feelings and emotions generated by the road.


A project that tries to cover a need, such as the reference to an element of universal mobility.


The creation of value around one of the activities that yes or yes, every human being will do in his life: use a road.


“The road is freedom, it is communication, it is adventure, it is landscape, it is beauty, it is music
The road is love, it is friendship, it is memory, it is future, it is movement
The road is reflection, it is gratitude, it is community, it is exploring, it is growing, it is living.”

Francisco Lucas


There are few things that we would say that a SAFE person will do in his life: Breathe, eat, drink … and use a road.

«We want to go to the more human side, to the feelings and emotions that we live on the road. The world that we know would not be the same without the presence of roads, and among all we must put them in the place they deserve .»

Juan José Potti


One day a year, in which anyone who wants to express their opinion about the road, have a space and a moment, so that, along with the opinions of others, have enough strength to put the road on value.

Of course, launch tweets with the hashtag #WorldRoadDay on October 11th on the twitter social network, freely expressing what the road suggests.

It is the commemoration of the first World Road Congress, held in the city of Paris (France) on October 11, 1908.
(Images courtesy of World Road Association-PIARC)

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the importance in our lives of roads


Representative of the whole essence of the values ​​of the #WorldRoadDay. Referents in their countries destinations for their professional career but especially for their human values. We wanted to have the best of each house, and they have gladly accepted the challenge.

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